The new collection is finally here! It has been months of figuring out how I want to showcase the first ever ARIEL TIDHAR earrings and of course that involved a photoshoot in Tel Aviv. But, before I walk you through bits of the new collection I want to backtrack to how I am even able to make a TLV photoshoot happen - with honestly some of the best ladies. 


Let's backtrack to November 2016. After graduating from Pratt Institute with my degree in fashion design and spending an entire year working towards my senior thesis with massive Israel influence and Tel Aviv flair I had a daydream about shooting my thesis collection for the second time but now in Tel Aviv - in order to bring it full circle for myself. I arrived in TLV with my collection and after countless emails, Instagram messages and more I still didn't have any leads over how I was going to make this photoshoot happen. About 4 days before I left back to New York - the photoshoot came into place. And since this first Tel Aviv photoshoot of my dreams I knew I needed to work with the same ladies again in many shoots to come. I don't think I will ever get over how obsessed I am with the colors, textures and energy of the "MADE IN ISRAEL" photoshoot. 



A bit over a year and a half later, it was time to shoot again in Tel Aviv with photographer Asia Revive-Likhacheva and hair & makeup by Anael Darmon. I must say with these ladies we are able to create magic and they take my ideas for the shoots to a whole new place. If you ever find yourself in Israel planning a photoshoot look no further than these ladies. 


Everything that I have been working on in the last two and a half years has really been a flowing evolution of itself and fun to watch unfold. Enamel Pins, pomegranates, hamsas, hair pins and earrings just seemed to flow narturally one after each other.

But, HOW GOOD are the new mirrored hair pins! The goal for this collection was to continue ideas, themes and symbols I have been working with for the past year but now add them in a wearable fashion and no longer just for your home. Also, in this collection I have started to add some modern abstract shapes - in addition to our favorite Judaic and eastern inspired motifs. 


The collection includes new hairs pins in gold & amber colored mirrored acrylics (in a larger size than our original hair pins), mini stud earrings, medium sized stud earrings and drop earrings in hamsa & pomegranate motifs.

Come into Brooklyn my studio + apartment the inner workings of my space are filled with color. And even though the clothes I make are colorful and in recent years I'm adding more and more color into my own wardrobe, I am a HUGE FAN of a black t-shirt dress paired with white converse. I wanted the pieces in this collection to be for the ladies who feel their best in a mixed colorful outfit or a black t-shirt and jeans. I wanted it to be for our besties we grew up with but also our Jewish mothers. There is really something to say about what modern Jewish ladies and our counterparts want these days. Even though we will always have a nostalgia for bubbies traditional Judaica pieces - modern ladies want and need something completely different. 


I've been living in the drop earrings and I hope you'll find your favorite pair to add into heavy rotation too. My personal favorites are anything in the orange or florescent pink. 


Location: Tel Aviv, Israel, Photography: Asia Revivo-Likhacheva, Hair & Makeup: Anael Darmon, Model: Yael Hassan, Accessories and Select Clothing Pieces: Ariel Tidhar.