Small Blessings and Wishes Part One of Two.


I started dreaming up and designing this collection in January when I was in Israel

This year and honestly the last 3 years if not my almost 7 years in New York have felt like a blur. For myself as a creative, the desire to create doesn’t stem from the future finished product but the actual need to do the motions of creating. But, at the same time I tend to get lost in the process - with deadlines and other things resulting in myself often glazing over the beauty of the process.

I started the year asking the universe, asking myself - to lend a little bit more patience. Patience for the process of creation and the journey of choosing a creative career path. It’s important to recognize those now invisible stepping stones on the path that will become visible in 6 months, a year or even 5 years down the line. In the meantime I’m trying to dig deep, attempting ( and kind of honestly failing ) to slow down and appreciate the nuances of creating and the process - the good parts and the difficult parts.

I don’t tend to talk too deeply about my work and where it stems from. It’s obvious I have an intense love for color, a nostalgia for the east and sometimes a comical twist on my Israeli-American upbringing. Sometimes the initial designs ( even the doodles per say ) are me just trying to deal with day to day life and in the end it evolves to a happy, colorful collection that will be garbed by some of coolest ladies.

This collection is being released in two parts. I love the idea of putting something out but letting it be known it’s not exactly finished yet. All of my work in a way is an evolution of itself and nothing is truly ever complete or finished anyways - so why not make it an impactful unfinished with having a part 1 and part 2. Part two coming in July.

From my time in school until now I have always named the different collections I worked on. But, I never shared the actual collection names during the releases. 

This collection is called small blessings and wishes. Motifs like the hamsa and evil eye are ancient talisman for good luck and protection. The pomegranate is a symbol of mitzvot and abundance. And for me, when a Jewish person wears a Star of David motif it represents an armour of sorts. Not just of protection but also feeling confident enough and brave enough to announce your Jewishness to the world especially during the constant trying times of rising anti-semetism. Combing these motifs of luck, protection, blessings and more with my want for more patience in the process we arrive to the collection name: Small Blessings and Wishes. 

My wish for all my amazing customers is to continue wearing your Jewish motifs with so much pride and love. You continuously inspire me and even on my most exhausted and stressed days fuel me to continue making.

Xoxo, Ariel

A special thanks to Michelle Grunwald for photo and graphics and to James Palmisano for production help.


Now, let’s introduce you to the collection. First up, our Zena Earrings. Statement earrings have become a staple of the ARIEL TIDHAR collection and for Spring-Summer 2019 we are taking it to a whole new level! Our Zena earrings are not joking around when we say STATEMENT and have enough swarovski crystal to hold up that notion too.


Alma! Before Hamsas and Evil Eyes were a staple for ARIEL TIDHAR. I fell in love with the pomegranate motif the first time I ever visited Tzfat. I was using pomegranates on textile designs long before I ever considered making pomegranate earrings. The Alma earrings feel like a new and fresh version of the motif for the brand. These are sleek, modern and geometric with the essence of a hoop.


The Aliyah earrings were one of the first pairs designed for the collection. If you keep up with AT on Instagram you probably saw Ariel wearing them in Israel in January. Inspired by the beloved Noga earrings - we have made them double the size and switched out the pomegranate cut-out for a Magen David. Jewish Girl REALNESS to the next level - yes please!


We know you’re excited about these … you let us know already on Insta! Our Aria Evil Eye Medallion earrings! There is not much to say about these - they truly speak for themselves! Available in Gold Mirrored and Pink Marble.


The Simi earrings are a new take on the Gabriella earrings. This time with mixed mirrored and glitter acrylics. The perfection combination of Bat Mizvah Girl aesthetic meets grown Jewish woman. Also available in silver.


Geometric inspired dangle earrings with traditional glass evil eye beads, Tamar earrings! Available in pink and yellow color ways.


Pearls are the IT girl of the season so we couldn’t help ourselves and cook up the AT version. The Tayla earrings geo inspired dangles complete with fresh water pearls!


Ruti pomegranate studs are great in their classic red color but now also come in pink marble, rose gold mirrored and gold mirrored acrylics!


The Sivan studs are another old favorite that is now being offered in additional colors - pink marble, silver glitter and yellow!


Not only are we introducing fresh water pearls into the collection - we are also introducing opals! Orly earrings complete with an Opal Evil Eye accent. Look closely - the cut out around the eye is the shape of a wish bone!


Best selling Noa earrings are back again in gold mirrored but also silver mirrored and rose gold mirrored!


We love our classic Judaica staples and the Sarit studs are just that! Now available in gold glitter, silver glitter, silver mirrored, gold mirrored and rose gold mirrored colors!


Noga earrings have been a fan favorite since the very first collection and even more so in the winter collection! Now she is offered in rose gold mirrored and silver glitter.


Scrunchies, Hair pins and Hair Clips ! I’m excited to introduce scrunchies to the collection! It’s my absolute favorite way to hold up my hair so it was only suiting they became apart of what we are working on. And we now offer clip hardware on a multitude of motifs not just hair pins anymore!




My Favorite Place


Hi! It’s me, I’m back. WOW! It’s been a few - - - more like a month. I have been away in Israel and if you have been following me for a while now you know the love and obsession for this place is so real - Is-rael? I had to go to that level of corniness right?

Even though I grew up spending so much time in Israel - I am continuously enamored by the colors and textures of this place. It’s no wonder why so much of the collection has been inspired by my time in Israel / Tel Aviv.

i wanted to make it a tradition that I share these visual representations from my trips as a taking off point of what is to come! A visual diary of sorts…

i have confirmed the new acrylic colors for the next collection and i’m eager to start working on the new collection.

The best way to keep up with me day to day is on Instagram so make sure to follow me on there if you haven’t yet.

PSSSTTT! 40% OFF for 48 hours ONLY! Is hitting the site Sunday, February 11th at 12am EST - so make sure to mark your calendar and tell all your friends!


- Ariel

Gold Glitter -  Gabriella Star of David Earrings ! On me - named after my mom!

Gold Glitter - Gabriella Star of David Earrings! On me - named after my mom!




THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I AM THE LUCKIEST!! This year I was blessed with so many new clients and to really see the ARIEL TIDHAR brand start to blossom. I can’t express my gratitude enough for everyone who has supported me big or small this past year. I wanted to share some of my beautiful clients from this year here on the AT blog. Receiving these images can literally turn my day around when I’m feeling stressed, overwhelmed or unsure.


I love working on special custom orders like these dangley beauties on Lauren.


Check our Liron and Tagel Haim in ARIEL TIDHAR. Two of the three sisters of A-WA


And we shot a dreamy photoshoot in Tel Aviv in July with an awesome all lady team!!!


I have some of the most inspiring clients too! Jemma wrote to me with this image letting me know how her AT sparkly earrings match her sparkly hearing aids and she was so proud to wear the two together!


Have you heard I can do clip-on earrings for our bubbe! Both of my grandma’s in AT!



Some of our sweetest and most favorite clients are also the tiniest!


And our favorite AT boy, Spencer!


Really, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Words literally can’t express my love and gratitude for any that has showed support for what I am trying to create and grow. There is so much tucked up my sleeve that I can’t wait for everyone to see!

So long 2018 and cheers to 2019 filled with health, success and so much love for all!



The new collection is finally here! It has been months of figuring out how I want to showcase the first ever ARIEL TIDHAR earrings and of course that involved a photoshoot in Tel Aviv. But, before I walk you through bits of the new collection I want to backtrack to how I am even able to make a TLV photoshoot happen - with honestly some of the best ladies. 


Let's backtrack to November 2016. After graduating from Pratt Institute with my degree in fashion design and spending an entire year working towards my senior thesis with massive Israel influence and Tel Aviv flair I had a daydream about shooting my thesis collection for the second time but now in Tel Aviv - in order to bring it full circle for myself. I arrived in TLV with my collection and after countless emails, Instagram messages and more I still didn't have any leads over how I was going to make this photoshoot happen. About 4 days before I left back to New York - the photoshoot came into place. And since this first Tel Aviv photoshoot of my dreams I knew I needed to work with the same ladies again in many shoots to come. I don't think I will ever get over how obsessed I am with the colors, textures and energy of the "MADE IN ISRAEL" photoshoot. 



A bit over a year and a half later, it was time to shoot again in Tel Aviv with photographer Asia Revive-Likhacheva and hair & makeup by Anael Darmon. I must say with these ladies we are able to create magic and they take my ideas for the shoots to a whole new place. If you ever find yourself in Israel planning a photoshoot look no further than these ladies. 


Everything that I have been working on in the last two and a half years has really been a flowing evolution of itself and fun to watch unfold. Enamel Pins, pomegranates, hamsas, hair pins and earrings just seemed to flow narturally one after each other.

But, HOW GOOD are the new mirrored hair pins! The goal for this collection was to continue ideas, themes and symbols I have been working with for the past year but now add them in a wearable fashion and no longer just for your home. Also, in this collection I have started to add some modern abstract shapes - in addition to our favorite Judaic and eastern inspired motifs. 


The collection includes new hairs pins in gold & amber colored mirrored acrylics (in a larger size than our original hair pins), mini stud earrings, medium sized stud earrings and drop earrings in hamsa & pomegranate motifs.

Come into Brooklyn my studio + apartment the inner workings of my space are filled with color. And even though the clothes I make are colorful and in recent years I'm adding more and more color into my own wardrobe, I am a HUGE FAN of a black t-shirt dress paired with white converse. I wanted the pieces in this collection to be for the ladies who feel their best in a mixed colorful outfit or a black t-shirt and jeans. I wanted it to be for our besties we grew up with but also our Jewish mothers. There is really something to say about what modern Jewish ladies and our counterparts want these days. Even though we will always have a nostalgia for bubbies traditional Judaica pieces - modern ladies want and need something completely different. 


I've been living in the drop earrings and I hope you'll find your favorite pair to add into heavy rotation too. My personal favorites are anything in the orange or florescent pink. 


Location: Tel Aviv, Israel, Photography: Asia Revivo-Likhacheva, Hair & Makeup: Anael Darmon, Model: Yael Hassan, Accessories and Select Clothing Pieces: Ariel Tidhar. 


I've been back in my little Brooklyn apartment for a bit over two weeks now and as always I'm still digesting my time away in my most favorite place ( literally probably will be until the next time I touch down in Tel Aviv). I had plans to do a lot of sketchbook-ing when I was gone because some of my most favorite filled sketchbooks are ones that were done during time spent in Israel but for whatever reason it didn't really happen in this trip. 


In the last 4 or so years Israel has been a huge influence on my creative work - the feeling, the moments, the colors all sneak their way in. I decided to pull together images that highlight the three and a half weeks I spent in Israel this summer - in color. As I am sure they are a new taking off point for work to come in the next few months. 


The market for me is literally a paradise of color inspiration. These were both taken in Shuk Ha'Carmel.


I started my trip by staffing my third birthright group. I have now been to Israel more than two dozen times and staffing birthright trips makes me only fall in love with Israel more through fresh eyes of young adults who for most are only visiting Israel for the very first time. 


As Birthright concluded, I went on to shoot the newest collection of work with my Israeli dream team of ladies ( THOSE PICS ARE COMING AUGUST 1ST! ) 


And following that the first ever Ariel Tidhar pop up shopping event in Tel Aviv with Medusa Bags.  


I realized on this trip - before I knew and loved Tel Aviv or anywhere else in Israel. I knew Ramat Ef'al.  Young Ariel looking snack worthy in my grandparents garden in Ramat Ef'al. 

Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 9.20.35 PM.png

and now present day Ariel (: 


I think one of the things that stands out to me is the strong contrast of natural earth tones with the vibrant colors placed into the mix. I think it's one of the many reasons I'm so drawn to Tel Aviv. 


Even the street art that isn't exactly formal street art.... 


This whole post would be pointless if it didn't include several pomegranate images. These taken in the Bnei Yehuda in the Golan which is almost as north as you can get in Israel. 


And of course some ARIEL TIDHAR POM QUEENS.


And a few more....


Until next time Israel. Time to create. 



Hamsas are finally here and I couldn't be more excited to share this photoshoot with you - shot by my friend Cassie Gonzales, with art direction assistance by Michelle Grunwald - who is also the talent behind my new homepage! Welcome to my little corner of Brooklyn where playful color meets nostalgic middle eastern accents. And if you buy enough AT goodies your home can feel the same! (: 


These metallic-acrylic hamsa mirrors are pretty much my newest obsession and I can't wait to start to seeing them pop-up in other people's homes. They are truly an art meets function kind of piece! Right now, I offer them in gold & amber but have the option to cut them in a broader range of mirrored-colors. EMAIL ME (  if you want to order a custom color at no extra cost! 


All the hamsas listed (except for the hamsa mirrors which are made-to-order) are ONE-of-a-kind - no two alike so if you see something you like don't wait because someone else might get to it before you! The beaded fringe is a technique I used back in school on garments -  mixed glass beads and sequin-paillettes on silken straw. 


I also wanted to share some of the custom name hamsas I have been working on as of lately.  If you are interested in having a custom hamsa made with your family name or as a super precious baby gift ( did someone say baby's first judaica?!? ) send me an email


Now it's time to shop the drop and tell me what your fav pieces are! And keep your eyes peeled! A lot of new things are in the works and coming soon. (: